Steve Larter

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by / on 21 May 2019

Steve Larter

Steve is a Professor and an experienced technology startup founder with over 30 years of experience in academia and industry. Boasting a keen interest in invention and innovation, Steve is passionate about working with fellow “solvers”–researchers, inventors, innovators, and startups– to develop technologies that can help us understand, and ultimately solve, the climate and energy challenges facing our world today.

Throughout his career, Steve has published 476 papers, received several notable awards and accolades, has served as a Professor at multiple notable institutions, and has co-founded several successful technology-oriented business ventures. Steve has earned a broad and deep understanding of the challenges associated with the ongoing energy transition of the 21st century and exemplifies an unwavering commitment to continuing to develop solutions that will enable a better and more sustainable future for years to come.

“The work we’re doing at LysisLogic Energy represents a paradigm shift in the petroleum exploration space. We are empowering O&G companies to optimize their hydrocarbon exploration and carbon management activities, while also developing technologies that will help them transition to a zero-carbon future.”