Renzo Silva

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by / on 21 May 2019

Renzo Silva

Renzo is an Organic Geochemist and a highly-technically skilled data science professional with over 16 years of experience driving innovative, industry-funded R&D projects from conception to reality. Known as a pragmatic and high-energy scientist, Renzo brings technical expertise and genuine passion to the forefront of his work, finding creative ways to leverage academic and industry resources throughout the design, development, and deployment of solutions aimed at solving real-world geochemical problems.

Throughout his career, Renzo has published 26 peer-reviewed papers, has been invited to speak at several high-profile international conferences, and has directly helped secure over $3M USD in R&D industry sponsorship and grants.

“LysisLogic Energy is where my academic expertise and passions intersect: we’ve created a truly collaborative environment where new ideas and approaches to hydrocarbon exploration can thrive, enabling us to understand complex problems and provide practical solutions for our clients”.