Custom solutions

Custom solutions

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Solve complex challenges and understand key opportunities with a tailor-made solution built for your unique use case.

Tailor-made solutions for your unique business challenges, backed by applied science, innovation & expertise.

Why LysisLogic?

Innovation is the core motivation that drives our team to pursue and achieve excellence in our field. Many of the most important challenges in the energy transition have not been answered, and we have the ability to develop and test ideas rapidly, accelerating time-to-value for our clients.

Our team members have done this before! Multiple times, for multiple companies, in multiple countries. It all starts with understanding the problem you are facing. From that on, we leverage all we have and more to build a solution together.

Key Benefits

  1. Innovate with purpose & drive real, measurable results.
  2. Collaborate with a committed team of proven experts.
  3. Employ cutting-edge research & tech to solve problems, fast.

How to engage with us?

1-on-1 Projects: Your team contracts ours to tackle a specific, well-defined challenge, through any of our offerings or tailor-made solutions.

R&D subscription: You are empowered with a plug-and-play, external R&D arm that runs aligned with your short-, mid- or long-term goals.

R&D Buy-in: You share the risks and benefits while helping to guide the innovation developments we aspire to drive at LysisLogic Energy.

What can we help you with?

At LysisLogic Energy, we understand that the energy transition space is quickly evolving. We believe that innovation, adaptation, and growth can be accelerated when companies have opportunities to leverage cutting-edge research and technologies. Our team is committed to understanding the unique challenges facing your business. We’ll work collaboratively with you to develop a niche, customized solution that enables you to achieve success through your exploration strategies.

The list below does not exhaust all the possibilies of how our team can help yours. Importantly, we are looking for challenges that require specific skills or R&D efforts. Not knowing the answer at front is what fuels us!

+ Interpretation services
  • Second opinion on your conclusions or contractor reports.
  • Technical and literature reviews on topics relevant to your project.
  • Compilation of third-party data, published data, old analytical data, service company and academic data reports.
+ Custom and energy transition applications
  • Out of the box planning and project design for any projects involving insight, innovation and a dash of geochemistry.
  • Out of the box geochemical solutions to complex and unusual problems.
  • Carbon dioxide and hydrogen storage reservoir systems assessment.
  • Radiolytic gas generation assessments.
  • Unique and unusual oil and gas systems.
  • Archaeological bitumen studies.
+ Exploration and production
  • Charge history validation, via GeoNap Tracker.
  • Charge history validation, via quantitative molecular marker charge assessment tools.
  • 4D probabilistic modelling of fluid quality in reservoir systems.
  • In reservoir fluid alteration studies with assessment and prediction of fluid properties (TSR, tar mats, biodegradation, etc.)
  • Non-hydrocarbon-based caprock integrity assessments.
  • Natural seep characterization.
  • Kerogen and bitumen kinetics data review and assessment.
  • Assessment of crude oil generaiton in response to igneous activity.
+ Environmental and forensic organic geochemistry
  • Spill attribution.
  • Product spill forensics (storage tank, train or truck crashes, pipeline leak).
  • Environmental geochemistry R&D.